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Mobile Kitting Frame Model # 851M

Mossman Tebbs designs and manufactures a high quality range of reel racks, feeder mobiles and board handling solutions, capable of meeting the exacting demands of electronics manufacturing. All our products are ESD Safe offering epoxy-polyester powder coating, providing a static-dissipative finish; sheet metal surfaces are zinc-plated; and only conductive Tyre castors are used.

Our equipment delivers performance and durability, minimizing the risk and cost of component damage due to inappropriate handling.

Foot Print

920 wide x 910 deep x 1710 tall

Build Quality

Solid design is essential in order to meet the demands of a busy production line – day after day


Ensuring the safe and secure storage of equipment, even during transportation

Ease of use

Flexible, ergonomic design significantly improves logistics and production flows, saving time and money

Juki 2000 Feeder Shelf Model # 926-70
  • 5 shelves can fit on 1 851M
  • 99 locations on 8.5 pitch
SIPLACE X Feeder Shelves Model # 915-300
  • Maximum 4 shelves per Trolley
  • 72 locations on 11.4mm pitch per shelf
  • total of 872 feeder per Trolley Frame
  • Hook on shelves, variable on 50mm pitch
  • ESD Plastic location plates
Adaptable Reel Rack Model # 824-320

Will accommodate Reel Racks 2x7”, 13”, 15” Diameter. Moveable Divider Rods will fit into 45 positions on a 25mm pitch to suit different reel widths or batches of same components. 20 Dividers rods supplied.

Assembleon Feeder Shelves Model # 909-150
  • Hook on shelves, variable on 50mm pitch
  • Maximum 3 shelves per Trolley
  • 40 locations on 20mm pitch per shelf
Quad Feeder Shelf Model # 824-31
  • 30 locations @ 28mm centers.
  • Secured safely against ESD foam.
  • Up to 4 shelves fit on the 851M
Fuji CP 6 Feeder Shelf Model # 824-280
  • 40 Locations on 20mm Pitch
Fuji IP/QP Feeder Shelf Model # 901-320
  • 26 Locations on 30mm Pitch

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